Scrapbook Challenge

Be Fierce, Be Wonderful

Pink And Purple and T-Rex


Welcome back to my blog everyone. Today’s sketch uses more photos taken in Borrego Springs. The last post featured an amazing dragon stature, and today I bring you dinosaurs!


This very girly page was made with a basic purple piece of card stock. All other paper was found in my stash of paper scraps. It totally pays to hang onto all your scraps from previous pages! You never know what will come in handy and it will save you a ton of money in the long run when one piece of paper can be stretched over multiple pages. I have a drawer for solids and a drawer for patterns. If you have the space, you could sort them by color too to make what you’re looking for even easier.

october mb.jpg

This page was done for Scrap the Girls October Challenge. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, their challenge prompts bravery, strength, and the color pink. I chose these photos because I like how the scary teeth and claws of the dinosaur are juxtaposed with feminine colors, butterflies and flowers. If a t-rex isn’t fierce, I don’t know what is!

Scrap Our Stash has been doing lots of blend-a-sketches lately which a really like. They really allow lots of creativity when giving two sketches to pull inspiration from. The diagonal patterned paper I used was for the smaller tag. The original print had circular patterned polka dots arranged diagonally, but the design doesn’t really translate in such a small piece.


That’s it for today. Thanks for visiting my page. See you next time!